After a long stretch of full time mothering and volunteering i found myself in poor health, spiritually and physically. A deep yearning for freedom had surfaced that could not be denied, but instead of running for the hills i began reclamation and restoration of self through art and foraging in nature.

“unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow, shame.” ~brene brownthe origins of flora aura began in 2012 when i started sculpting headpiece art out of natural and scavenged materials. I did this in secret at first, i was shy to reveal my weird, true self to my friends and family. I was constantly rigging florals and other living elements to my head with whatever means possible until one day, out of necessity and stubbornness, an idea came through. I realized the design was actually functional and totally unique. This was a tool that could open the art of floral crown making to absolutely everyone from

young children to the totally un-crafty. All of my impractical, ridiculous, clandestine creations had yielded something very utilitarian, go figure. Fast forward, i filed for a patent and began the long arduous journey of starting a business alongside being a full time mom. I sure am glad i never ran for those hills, as i still fortunately dwell in breezy encinitas, california with my supportive husband and two incredible teens.

Lindsy Richards,